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Creado: 15-05-2014

The education portal, Colombia Aprende, is the main access point and virtual meeting of the Colombian education communities through the provision and promotion of the use of quality content and services that contribute to give everyone equal opportunity to learn around Colombia.

Colombia Aprende was released on May 24, 2004, within the project of New Technology by Ministry of Education in Colombia, and is currently led by the Office of Education Innovation with the use of the new technology of Ministry of Education.


Currently, Colombia Aprende is an active part of the la Red Latinoamericana de Portales Educativos(RELPE) and the National Network of Educational Portals. According to UNESCO, it is considered as one of the top three e-portals in Latin America and the Caribbean sea.

Products and Services

In this educational portal, Colombia Aprende, the academic community of the country can access resources, products and services, to their daily educational environments through:

  • - Forums
  • - Chats
  • - Digital educational resources (media library)
  • - Activity Calendars
  • - Experience ICT
  • - Briefing notes
  • - Special or portadillas
  • - Edusitios and Microsites
  • - Virtual events

Arranged in six kinds of user groups - Elementary and secondary school Teachers, Elementary and secondary school Students, Family & Community, Researchers, Higher Education Professors, Higher Education Students - to facilitate access.

In Colombia Aprende, we promote the use of virtuality in education. Are you ready to use the virtual tools and services for the knowledge society that we have prepared for you?