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Creado: 21-05-2014
Creado: 02-12-2014

2013 - ICT Skills Teacher Professional Development.

This publication is the result of work conducted by the Office of Educational Innovation, Ministry of Education, in which experts and representatives of educational institutions, with whom conceptual agreements and guidelines were constructed to guide the learning processes in the educational use of ICT.


2012 - Digital Open Educational Resources.

The strategy of Digital Educational Resources, led by the Ministry of Education, seeks to ensure public access to information and knowledge of high quality for the entire educational community. Here you will find the book that compiles national and international precedents on this subject; consolidates conceptual agreements and establishes a framework for institutional guidelines, by which in Colombia will support, strengthen and enhance the production and management of Open Digital Educational Resources in Higher Education Institutions.

Creado: 02-12-2014

Office of Educational Innovation in Use of New Technologies:

The Office of Innovation aims to consolidate the National System of Educational Innovation, which has been proposed:

  • - Improve the capacity of educational institutions to innovate in their practices.
  • - Building a culture that prioritizes research and knowledge generation.
  • - Strengthen public-private entities and partnerships in the education sector.
Creado: 02-12-2014

The Office of Educational Innovation in Use of New Technologies provides technical assistance to Ministries of Education and Higher Education Institutions regarding:

  • - Support in the transformation of higher education programs to virtual mode
  • - Assistance in the management and implementation of teacher education programs
  • - Advice on the management, production and publication of educational content
  • - Advice on the management of research processes and models of educational innovation using ICT
  • - Assistance in the formulation of projects and educational strategies that relate to the creation of portals, dynamic networking and web 2.0 tools and virtual communities.
Creado: 02-12-2014

The Innovation Offie counts with an interdisciplinary team with professionals in the different fields of knowledge, with experience and formation in education and new technologies of the information.
Graduates in education, engineers, social communicators and other professionals, worked together in the groups of research encourage, educational contents, usage of ICT and the Portal Colombia Aprende.
The proposal of this team, and following the Education Policies, are to support the improvement of the quality of the education of the country, teaching properly for the innovation and prosperity.