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NIC/RIC Introduction
Creado: 20-05-2014

What are the Educational Innovation Centers?

They are equipped with high-tech physical spaces conceived as centers of production of digital educational content of higher quality teacher training in the production and use of digital content and points of research and innovation.

These centers are located in 5 cities of the country and are logistically operated by higher education institutions as part of a regional alliance, formed in turn by local authorities, other institutions of higher education in the region and production companies.

Each center, except in the Central Zone, will receive about $ 1 million for operation and achievement of targets over a period of 18 months. Once this period is complete, the center will be installed to operate with in the time available, generating resources for future sustainability capacity.

The Regional Center for Educational Innovation attend guidelines on content and teacher training established by the National Center for Educational Innovation (CIEN), located in the Ministry of National Education.

The basic functions of each CIER are:

Production of digital educational content under the guidelines and national standards established by the CIEN.
Management of educational content in line with the guidelines and specifications of CIEN.
Teacher training in the production and use of content under the guidelines and national standards established by the CIEN.
Generation of educational innovation with ICT use, supported by research and development processes.
Knowledge Management, through the coordination of efforts between the regional and national levels (CIEN).

Organization Structure

Each Regional Center for Educational Innovation has an internal structure, selected by public announcement, which will allow the proper achievement of the goals associated with the project.


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