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Integrating ICT to the English learning
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General Objective:

To incorporate the use of ICTs to strengthen the practice of English language oral skills that allow students to learn meaningfully.


Specific Objectives:

  • To create a video for the recipe of a healthy food.
  • To learn about different food and eating habits.
  • To recognize the importance and usefulness of technological tools in academic activities.



This is an experience about the preparation of a healthy recipe that aims to create real communicative situations with the use of technology that facilitate and promote the oral language skills in students. It is also pretended to do the teaching and learning process of English more attractive and easy handling, especially in the management of large classes.

The project is applied at “IE Antonio José Camacho” a technical institution in Cali with 3.000 students in average, in 5 groups of 43 students of ninth grade, with 2 hours of class a week.

To engage the students in the project, I encourage them to prepare and present orally a recipe of a healthy food, in power point, with cardboard, real material in class or by recording a video at home. Most of them chose the video because of the use of technology and since they could do it more comfortable in a real environment.

The project was oriented towards the preparation of a healthy recipe because I think it’s very important that students learn about healthy eating habits in times where Youngers prefer junk food.

We have gradually integrated the use of technology at the institution for several years, with some projects and programs like “English Discoveries”, “Computadores para Educar” “Rosetta Stone” “Reading Companion” and “Tit@, form the Secretaría de Educación”.

With appropriate planning, the activities that incorporate the use of technologies are highly motivating, promote interaction among students, offer the possibility of having contact with the real and functional use of the language and constitute a great source of authentic material.

1 Comentarios

Imagen de Gladys Arboleda Martínez
Publicado: Lun, 06/12/2017 - 14:12
I think this is an innovative proposal because it involves the students in the real use of ICT of learning a language. As teachers we believe that Youngers really know how to handle technological equipment, but when they have to structured and carry out a project with the use of it they realize and recognize that it means more than just to use a video camera, a smart phone or a computer.

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