Terms & Conditions
Creado: 20-05-2014

The Terms and Conditions established below regulate the use of educational web portal (hereinafter "colombiaaprende") which is available foto Internet users.

The mere use of the website attributes the condition of user (hereinafter, the "User") of Colombia Aprende and expresses the full and unreserved acceptance of all and each of its Terms and Conditions that are published at the time the user accesses Colombia Aprende. Consequently, the user must carefully read the Terms and Conditions in each of the occasions on which he/she intends to use or access Colombia Aprende.

The Terms and Conditions may be amended in whole or in part only by Colombia Aprende, and such changes and implementation will be effective from the moment they are published or inserted in the site or from the moment they are reported to the user by any means, whichever comes first. For these reasons, we suggest that you visit them regularly.

Violations of the Terms and Conditions will generate the right in favor of Colombia Aprende to suspend or terminate the provision of the service to the user that has commit them, by act or omission.

Service and Information

The contents are published periodically in Colombia Aprende aim to provide the user with all kinds of information related to education, including inter alia, articles, news, agenda, publications of interest and other content that are related to education in all its levels.

In any case the information contained in Colombia Aprende shall be considered as comprehensive, complete, or in any manner may meet all user needs. At times, the information contained in Colombia Aprende is simply destined to enable the user to access more data on the topic of interest.

The service provision of the site by Colombia Aprende is free and open to users. However, the use of some services can only be done as a registered user.

Privacy Policy

It is considered Rule of confidentiality and data protection to all personal information you enter free and voluntarily in Colombia Aprende , as well as those that are mandatory income, such as username and password . Users can enter their personal data during registration to the website. The user can modify or update any of this information at any time, so Colombia Aprende can give more accurate services and content according to their profile.

Colombia Aprende is committed to a policy of confidentiality and data protection in order to protect the privacy of personal information collected through its Web Site.


To be a user of the site is not mandatory to complete the registration form and you can also do it using facebook and twitter. Nonetheless, if you choose or be registered to use a service you must complete the form with your personal information accurately and precisely through the registration form pca ("User registration").

Except in areas where otherwise noted, responses to questions about User registration are voluntary but the lack of response does not imply a reduction in the quality or quantity of related services, unless otherwise indicated. The registered user agrees to notify Colombia Aprende immediately and by reliably means, any unauthorized use of his/her password.

Colombia Aprende reserves the right to send to the address specified by the user in the registration form, information that is relevant to its users. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Colombia Aprende recognizes and adheres to the initiatives against unsolicited email ("spam"), on the understanding that the information sent to users do not contain commercial advertising and incorporates simple and explicit mechanisms to stop receiving such e-mails.

Responsibility for the information contained

Because currently the available technical means do not ensure the complete lack of interference by the action of third parties on sites published online, Colombia Aprende in no way guarantees the accuracy and/or veracity of all or part of the information on the site, nor the updating, nor that such information has been altered or modified in whole or in part, after having been included in the site or any other aspect or characteristic of the information provided through the website or through the links eventually included in it.

For such programs, materials or information which are available to the user so that it can be downloaded in his/her computer, system or any media memory owned or whose possession by the Portal, Colombia Aprende reports that initially these programs were reviewed, reasonably, for the purposes of considering free of viruses or other kind of destructive technological means.

Therefore, Colombia Aprende won't be liable for any damage arising from any alteration that has been made to the downloaded materials provided directly by Colombia Aprende and its content management.

Information Privacy

The collection and processing of personal data is to maintain a smooth relationship between the user and Colombia Aprende as well as management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of services in which the user decides to subscribe. Likewise, it will allow to study the use of such services by users, the design of new offers related to such services, the sending of updates and technical and operational information about products and services offered by Colombia Aprende through its portal.

In particular, Colombia Aprende can only hand over the data of users to dependent and/or entities under the control of the Ministry of Education under the legislation, in this field, for governing bodies in Colombia.

Colombia Aprende service automatically collects some general information such as the number and frequency of visitors to Aprende and its different areas. This information is used only as a statistic. This type of data helps determine how many users access a given area of Colombia Aprende and which parts of the site use, in order to improve it and ensure that it is more appropriate to the needs of its users.

In the course of the operations of Colombia Aprende it can be provided statistical information to depending and/or under the control of the Ministry of Education institutions, which allow observing how users use Colombia Aprende portal. These practices are carried out with the sole purpose so the dependent and/or under the control of the Ministry of Education institutions can observe how many people use the different sections of our website, in order to provide the best possible experience and fulfill the object of Colombia Aprende.

Intellectual Property

Will be understood as "content" all information, messages, graphics, drawings, designs, logos, names, brands, sound files and/or images, photographs, recordings, software and in general any type of material accessible via Colombia Aprende (hereinafter the contents).

The user agrees to:

  • 1. Use the contents diligently, correctly and lawfully.
  • 2. Do not reproduce, copy, distribute, alter or modify, make available, lease or communicate to the public the contents, unless they have the express permission of the copyright holder.
  • 3. Do not remove, ignore or manipulate the "copyright" and other identifying data of the rights of Colombia Aprende or its owners included in the contents as well as technical protection devices, digital IDs or whatever the mechanisms of information that could contain the contents or rights management.
  • 4. Not using the contents and, in particular, information of any other kind obtained through Colombia Aprende or the services to broadcast advertising of any kind and in any format, in Colombia or abroad.

  • Colombia Aprende won't responsible for the misuse made by the users of the content provided and/or linked in Colombia Aprende.

    The user agrees that promoting activities of third parties that appear on the site are part of Colombia Aprende site. Colombia Aprende Colombia does not guarantee the accuracy of such promotion and won't be responsible for the correspondence or contracts that the user celebrated with third parties.