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VIII Prize for Children's Literature Steamer
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Creado: 13-04-2015

The call organized by the Central Bank and the Santa Maria -SM- Foundation is headed aliens residing in Colombia with unpublished works written in Castilian Colombian writers o.

The award, with over 30 years of existence, seeks to encourage new writers to promote children's literature throughout the national territory. The initiative was created in Spain in 1978 and today has a presence in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico and Colombia.

The winners

The beneficiary will receive USD $ 10,000 and the choice of his work is published as part of the Collection Steamer, Ediciones SM.

Bases to participate

All foreign Colombian writers or they can participate in both, elderly, residents in Colombia cases that present original target readers between 6 and 14 years.

Excluded from this call both officials Ediciones SM as the Bank of the Republic and its relatives in first degree of consanguinity.

No manuscripts of authors who have won the award in the immediately previous version will be accepted.

Poems or plays are not accepted.

Authors must submit original, unpublished and written in Spanish works. It is understood by unpublished original unedited, unpublished (partially or entirely) in anthologies, collections, literary supplements, newspapers, magazines or other publications, and is not participating in another contest or have been awarded.

The works submitted must not include illustrations or photographs.

Each author must submit five (5) copies of each original, obeying the following format: Word, Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced. Pages should be numbered and printed on letter size single-sided.

See here all the rules of the competition.

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